Logiculture is committed to helping build and maintain a healthy, diverse urban ecosystem one home at a time. Our approach to landscape design is one of balance – finding the intersection between art and science that creates a beautiful space and generates value over time for both individuals and communities.


Carson cornbrooks, co-founder

Carson HAS A PASSION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP AND SOCIAL JUSTICE, with significant experience in designing and managing outdoor spaces. After graduating with a degree from Middlebury college in conservation biology, he was construction manager for the Middlebury Solar Decathlon project and then enrolled in the Green String farm internship program. Following that, he joined Education Outside, an organization that promotes science education and environmental literacy through public school garden programs. Now serving as director of programs at E.O., carson started logiculture to extend his work beyond the classroom and into people's homes.



Rob is passionate about harnessing the power of natural systems for positive change. He sees plants, soil, and water as dynamic, interconnected networks that exhibit the resilience, productivity, diversity, and beauty of nature. His approach to design is inspired by the teachings of permaculture, aka “applied ecology.” These methods stress relationships over individual parts and an overall ethos of matching needs and resources to reach a desired goal. While Logiculture was founded to enrich urban ecosystems and promote healthy environments, its primarily goal is to serve people by providing a satisfying living experience in the city. rob's diverse experience ranges from working with tree service and excavation companies to helping lead sustainability initiatives and community garden programs connecting high school and elementary school students. He Graduated from Middlebury college in 2011 with a Degree in Mathematics.