Trouble getting started? We meet                         you where you are.

    Trouble getting started? We meet                         you where you are.

 Our Mission

Our services are grounded in the teachings of permaculture (permanent agriculture), which stresses ecologically conscious and efficient design. Our designs are centered on delivering a garden experience tailored to individuals and families that draws on both current and long-standing horticultural research. We are committed to using organic and renewable resources, as well as reusing existing materials whenever possible. 


How can we make your garden grow?

While each design we create is intended to fit into a larger ecologically conscious city landscape, we stress individuality and personal needs for every project. We offer a variety of specialties for your garden, such as:

A major the oncoming years must be that of making cities more livable places by offsetting the imbalance between the natural and man-made environments. Man and his technology must become a more interrelated part of nature and not an exploiter of the physical environment.
— San Francisco General Plan